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Chicken Treat

Chicken Treat

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ProfiPets Chicken Treat

Let your dog enjoy an irresistible treat - ProfiPets Chicken Treat! With these delicious bone-shaped treats specially formulated to pamper and nourish your pet.

Why choose ProfiPets Chicken Treat?

✔ 100 grams
✔ 80% Freshly Prepared Poultry - Packed with tender pieces of chicken, duck and turkey for a protein-packed feast.
✔ Natural Vitality - Chicken, Duck and Turkey provide a perfect blend of nutritious vitamins and minerals.
✔ Crunchy Delight - Our little bite-sized treats have a delicious chunky texture.
✔ No Grains - Specially designed for dogs with grain intolerance.
✔ Pure Nature - Naturally preserved with rosemary extract, without artificial additives.

Make your pet feel appreciated with the delicious ProfiPets Chicken Treat. Perfect as a reward during training or simply as a loving treat. These healthy and tasty snacks are sure to become a favorite of your furry friend.

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  • Grain-free

    ProfiPets dog food is completely grain-free!

  • Fresh meat, fish or poultry

    All our flavours contain at least 26% fresh meat, fish or poultry!

  • Digestion

    ProfiPets recipes contain prebiotics MOS & FOS to aid in digestion!