Breeder program

Breeding program ProfiPets

Start a new life with healthy and high-quality dog ​​food from Profipets.

A puppy grows a lot in a short time. Reason enough to use quality dog ​​food with lots of fresh ingredients. This allows you as a breeder to leave the puppy with its new owner with peace of mind.

What does the ProfiPets breeder program entail?

  • Discount on all products from the ProfiPets brand
  • Free puppy package with dog food, treats and an accessory
  • Savings program for even more discounts
  • From puppy to senior

    Of course, the new puppies do not always remain puppies. That is why we have suitable chunks in our range for all stages of life.

  • From mini to giant

    Whether you have puppies that stay very small or grow into giants. We offer different compositions and chunk sizes for this purpose.

  • Chunks, treats and more

    In addition to puppy food, we offer much more that is suitable for puppies, such as treats, toys and accessories.

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