Reminder service

Precisely. Correct. On time. That is what customised dog food from ProfiPets is all about. You may have already placed the first order and then it is useful to receive a reminder from ProfiPets in time.

Would you like to sign up for the reminder service?

Please answer a number of questions below and leave your details. We will then send you a timely reminder to order the dog food.

  • Maintain a healthy weight

  • Delivered automatically and on time

  • Fresh meat as an ingredient

How does it work exactly?

By answering a number of questions and preferences, we calculate the ideal needs for your dog. Based on this, we determine how many grams your dog needs per day and what the ideal frequency of delivery is. We take into account what is most relevant to you, but we also take the environment into account.

How are we different? We are transparent. Transparent about how we work, but also in our diet. Because you also want to know what you are eating and, in our opinion, that is the basis for a long and successful collaboration.

Would you like to sign up for the reminder service?

Answer a number of questions below and we will calculate the ideal nutritional needs for your dog. Then enter your details and you are registered for the reminder service!