Customised dog food

✓ From €0.30 per meal

✓ At least 50% Meat, Fish or poultry

✓ Ordered before 11:59 PM on workdays, delivered tomorrow

  • Yorkshire Terrier

    From €0.30 per meal

  • Shiba Inu

    From €0.59 per meal

  • German shepherd

    From €1.32 per meal

  • Bernese Mountain Dog

    From €1.69 per meal

How does it work exactly?

By answering a few questions and indicating preferences, we determine the optimal nutritional needs for your dog. Based on this, we calculate the daily amount of food and determine the most suitable frequency for delivery. We also look at the impact on the environment.

How are we different? We are transparent. Transparent about how we work, but also in our diet. Because you also want to know what you are eating and, in our opinion, that is the basis for a long and successful collaboration.